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Inspector Montalbano Episodes

The wonderful Italian crime series Il commissario Montalbano is an insight at the world of Sicily through the eyes of the Inspector played to perfection by Luca Zingaretti. He is dedicated to two things: solving the crimes in his home town of Vigata and savouring the local seafood. It is a joy to watch as it takes you into the laid-back world he inhabits and allows you to enjoy a taste of Italian humour.

I have posted the links to all the episodes as they are very hard to come by online, I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I have.

Click the link in the title to watch/download the episode. 

Episode 1 [S1E1] - The Snack Thief (1999) 

Inspector Montalbano The Snack Thief
Detective Montalbano investigates the murder of a local businessman called Lapecora. Lapecora's widow suspects that he was killed by his lover Karima, a young Tunisian woman who mysteriously disappeared on the day of the murder. After succeeding in tracking down Karima's five-year-old son Francois, Montalbano realises that the case might be linked to that of a Tunisian man, also killed in mysterious circumstances on the same day that Lapecora died. Meanwhile, Montalbano's partner
Livia, who has been entrusted with looking after Francois, becomes very attached to the young orphaned boy.

Episode 2 [S1E2] - The Voice of the Violin (1999)

Inspector Montalbano The Voice of the ViolinWhen the naked dead body of a young woman is found in a villa outside Vigata, Montalbano discovers that she had recently bought the villa and was in the process of restoring it using her wealthy husband's money. When the case is taken from Montalbano and given to rival inspector Panzacchi from nearby Montelusa, Panzacchi draws some easy conclusions and the investigation risks going badly off course. Will a proud Montalbano stick his neck out to regain control of the case or will he allow his incompetent colleagues to pin the murder on the wrong suspect?

Episode 3 [S2E1] - The Shape of Water (2000)

Inspector Montalbano The Shape of Water
Mr Luparello, a renowned local engineer and leading political figure, is found dead in a car at a notorious prostitution spot on the outskirts of Vigata. The coroner rules that he died of a heart attack following an amorous encounter. Fending off pressure from prominent ecclesiastical figures who wish to keep the case under wraps and navigating the intricacies of local party politics, Montalbano goes about making sense of the available evidence, including the incongruous discovery of an expensive necklace found at the site of the murder.

Episode 4 [S2E2] - The Mystery of the Terracotta Dog (2000)

Inspector Montalbano The Mystery of the Terracotta Dog
A criminal turned state witness informs Montalbano of an arms stash in a cave just outside Vigata. Also uncovered in the cave is a secret chamber where the bodies of two lovers, killed sometime in the 1940s, were buried in a bizarre ritual. An intrigued Montalbano must challenge the Mafia and deal with the arms cache before he can investigate this second find.

Episode 5 [S3E1] - Excursion to Tindari (2001)

Inspector Montalbano Excursion to TindariA young Don Juan is found murdered in front of his apartment building and an elderly couple are reported missing after an excursion to the ancient site of Tindari. Inspector Montalbano tries to solve these two seemingly unrelated cases amid the daily complications of life at Vigata police station. But when he discovers that the couple and the murdered young man lived in the same building, his investigation stumbles onto Sicily's brutal 'New Mafia' and leads him down a path more twisted and far-reaching than any he has ever been down before.

Episode 6 [S3E2] - The Artist's Touch (2001)

Inspector Montalbano The Artist's TouchGoldsmith Alberto Larussa appears to have committed suicide by turning his wheelchair into an electric chair. But Inspector Montalbano discovers that the dead man's will, which leaves everything to his brother Giacomo, was forged. Giacomo is arrested, but he maintains that he did not kill Alberto. Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector Mimi' Augello is working on the case of a mysteriously-murdered electrician.

Episode 7 [S4E1] - The Sense of Touch (2002)

Inspector Montalbano The Sense of TouchThe seemingly accidental death of a blind man leads Montalbano to an island off the coast of Sicily. Here the Inspector discovers that both the murder victim and a local fisherman had each deposited huge sums of money in their respective bank accounts.

Following the mysterious demise of a second man, who was also blind, the investigation begins to focus on the operations of a charitable foundation which increasingly looks not so charitable after all.

Episode 8 [S4E2] - Montalbano's Croquettes (2002)

Inspector Montalbano Montalbano's Croquettes
As the small town of Vigata prepares for its New Year celebrations, local police inspector Salvo Montalbano is reluctantly making arrangements to travel to Paris with his girlfriend. What he would much rather do, however, is accept a dinner invitation by his cleaner Adelina, who has promised to cook rice croquettes.

A wealthy husband and wife are found dead in what appears to be a car accident, but which quickly turns into a murder investigation. As the circumstances surrounding the death of the couple grow more and more mysterious, clues point to the involvement of Adelina's son Pasquale.

Episode 9 [S4E3] - The Scent of the Night (2002)

Inspector Montalbano The Scent of the Night
Investor Emanuele Gargano has disappeared with the savings entrusted to him by the people of Montelusa. Montalbano's investigation brings him into contact with some of Gargano's staff - his obsessively loyal secretary Mariastella Cosentino and the provocative Michela Manganaro. Meanwhile, Augello is getting cold feet about the prospect of his wedding.

Episode 10 [S4E4] - The Goldfinch and the Cat (2002)

Inspector Montalbano The Goldfinch and the CatA series of mysterious muggings takes place in Vigata, ending in tragedy when one of the victims is killed. Meanwhile, a man virtually destroys the emergency room at the hospital after finding out that his young daughter is pregnant. A local doctor is also missing and presumed dead. Montalbano investigates all three cases, gradually uncovering the links between them.

Episode 11 [S5E1] - Turning Point (2005)

Inspector Montalbano Turning PointOne of Montalbano's most difficult cases begins during one of his habitual morning swims, when he finds a decomposed body floating in the water. The investigation leads him to uncover the unsavoury realities of international child trafficking.

Episode 12 [S5E2] - Equal Time (2005)

Inspector Montalbano Equal TimeWhen a man is found murdered with a sawn-off shotgun, Vigata police are called upon to extinguish what appears to be the beginnings of a new Mafia war. But Montalbano has his doubts on the exact nature of this particular murder. When he is taken off the case and assigned to investigate the disappearance of a young Ukrainian woman, he gradually uncovers a series of links between the two cases.

Episode 13 [S6E1] - The Patience of the Spider (2006)

Inspector Montalbano The Patience of the SpiderInspector Montalbano is puzzled by the kidnapping of Susanna Mistretta, a young woman whose once-wealthy family has fallen on hard times. When the kidnappers contact the family to demand a ransom, the responsibility of coming up with the money falls on an estranged relative. But something in the case just doesn't add up.

Episode 14 [S6E2] - The Game of Three Cards (2006)

Inspector Montalbano The Game of Three CardsThe death of local construction magnate Girolamo Cascio leads Montalbano back to the murder of Cascio's leading competitor, Giacomo Aletto, who was shot and killed two decades earlier. Rocco Pennisi, Aletto's partner, was sent to prison for the crime. But was the right man convicted?

Episode 15 [S7E1] - August Flame (2008)

Inspector Montalbano August FlameInspector Montalbano discovers the existence of a secret underground dwelling beneath Mimi's family home and finds a trunk containing the dead body of a young woman who had disappeared six years earlier. As he begins his investigation, Montalbano makes the acquaintance of the victim's alluring twin sister.

Episode 16 [S7E2] - The Wings of the Sphynx (2008)

Inspector Montalbano The Wings of the Sphynx
The naked body of a young woman is discovered on a beach near Vigata. The girl was shot in the face, her identity is unknown and the only clue police have to go on is a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. Montalbano sets to work trying to establish the girl's identity and investigates possible links between the murder victim and a local charity with connections to the Church. Meanwhile, his relationship with Livia continues to suffer as a result of his poor work/life balance.

Episode 17 [S7E3] - The Track of Sand (2008)

Inspector Montalbano The Track of SandMontalbano wakes up one morning to find the carcass of a dead horse stranded on the beach below his house. Soon after, a beautiful woman walks into Vigata police station to report the abduction of her racehorse. A line of investigation emerges that brings Montalbano into contact with the elegant world of horse racing, via some illegal horse betting rackets organised by the Mafia.

Episode 18 [S7E4] - Paper Moon (2008)

Inspector Montalbano Paper Moon
A distressed woman arrives at Vigata police station to report the disappearance of her brother. Soon enough, the man is found murdered in what appears to have been a crime of passion. But Montalbano is reluctant to give too much credit to appearances and digs into the victim's past, talking to anyone who might have had an involvement in the case. Meanwhile, a number of high-profile businessmen and politicians die as a result of cocaine overdoses.

Episode 19 [S8E1] - The Potter's Field (2011)

Inspector Montalbano The Potter's FieldAs torrential rain pours down on Vigata, a plastic bag containing a body cut into pieces is found in a clay field. All the signs point to an old-fashioned Mafia killing. But why is Montalbano's trusted colleague and friend Mimi' Augello suddenly irritable and short-tempered, and why is he insisting that the investigation be assigned to him? Could Mimi' somehow be involved in the case?

Episode 20 [S8E2] - The Gull's Dance (2011)

Inspector Montalbano The Gull's Dance
Fazio is missing. He's not at home, his mobile is switched off and his father is worried. Believing that the young officer had been working a secret investigation on his own, Montalbano fears that Fazio may be in serious trouble and a frantic search is mounted in an effort to find him alive.

Episode 21 [S8E3] - Treasure Hunt (2011)    

Inspector Montalbano Treasure HunAn elderly couple, both religious fanatics, barricade themselves in their home and begin shooting from the windows for no apparent reason, until Montalbano's men finally succeed in disarming them.

There seems to be no justification for the couple's insane actions, but police find a strangely disfigured inflatable doll inside their home. A few days later, an identical doll is discovered in a rubbish bin and Montalbano has a bad premonition.

Soon enough, a series of strange occurrences develops - disquieting letters bearing riddles are delivered to Montalbano at Vigata police station, while a young woman is reported missing. A disturbed maniac is playing a macabre game of treasure hunt with the inspector and the riddle must be solved before it's too late

Episode 22 [S9E1] - The Age of Doubt (2011)    

Inspector Montalbano The Age of Doubt
The yacht of a wealthy woman docks at Vigata's harbour as a disfigured body is discovered at sea. Coastguard Laura Belladonna is assigned to the case to assist Montalbano and the two soon become close. The investigation casts doubts on the motives and sincerity of the yacht's crew and Montalbano begins to suspect that there may be more to the story they have given him.

Episode 23 [S9E1] - Angelica's Smile (2013)

Inspector Montalbano Angelica's SmileA series of burglaries takes place at the houses of wealthy Vigata residents. One of the victims is a beguiling young bank manager called Angelica, to whom Salvo finds he is soon attracted. As the investigation progresses, Montalbano starts to suspect that the burglaries might be a cover for something rather more sinister.

Episode 24 [S9E2] - Hall of Mirrors (2013)

Inspector Montalbano - Hall of MirrorsA bomb goes off outside an empty store-room in a quiet Vigata street. Montalbano commences his investigation, but is soon disorientated by a series of disparate events, including the acquaintance of an attractive and mysterious woman

Episode 25 [S9E3] - A Voice in the Night (2013)

Inspector Montalbano - A Voice in the NightA supermarket controlled by a Mafia family is robbed, setting off a chain of events in which the Mafia's political links start to transpire. Montalbano finds himself having to conduct his investigation using even more unconventional methods and this time he does something he's never done before.

Episode 26 [S9E4] - A Ray of Light (2013)   

Inspector Montalbano - A Ray of LightA woman is attacked and robbed on her way home late at night, but the case leaves Montalbano wondering whether there isn't more to the story than he's being told. An abandoned cattle shed in the countryside has been boarded up by unknowns and used for mysterious purposes.